Dependable Drain Cleaning with Video Inspections

Clear out your pipes with help from Drain Doctor. We provide complete residential and commercial drain cleaning services using cables, water jets, and enzymes in the Roanoke, Virginia, area. Ask us about performing video inspections on your pipes.

Traditional Cabling Machines

The industry standard for decades, cabling machines effectively unstop drains from obstructions up to 6”. Cable lengths range up to 200’, which is good for hard grease, roots, and obstacles.

High-Pressure Water Jets

Water jets use high-pressure water to clean lines from wall to wall. They are good for loose accumulation, soft grease, and preventive maintenance.


Video camera inspections allow us to see the inside of drain lines. We look for persistent problems, such as a sag in the line, roots, or a broken pipe.


Enzyme drip systems are for dispensing enzymes into drain lines automatically. This helps prevent grease buildup in the lines.

Contact us to find out more about drain cleaning, including pipe video inspections.